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anyone uses ivy and ivy-postframe?


postframe doesn't seem to be included in the Ivy layer, maybe it works by adding as an additional package, but not sure if there is anothe package doing the same thing. I'm still using helm, might give Ivy a try at the end of the year.


yes, postframe is not included and additional package required it seems to work fine, except postframe seems ignoring <M-o> from ivy layer (action selection) was hoping someone has a solution


helm is archived 😞


Helm still works fine for me, so it's not that relevant at the moment that the maintainer has stopped working on it. Doom uses Ivy by default, so you may find some config there that can be used with Spacemacs.


will look there, thanks! > Doom uses Ivy by default While reading this thought you recommending to switch 🙂


I have tried Doom out just recently, it's not as useful to me as Spacemacs.


I tried Doom and found that in order to recover the features I used in Spacemacs I had to reimplement a lot of it. It wasn’t worth it.


It is fast.


But some of that speed comes from simply having fewer features.

Gleb Posobin15:10:35

aggressive-indent seems to be slowing down typing on emacs on moderately large files (about 400 lines), how do I auto indent only when switching back into normal mode when using evil?


@posobin Clojure mode should intent new lines as you type. TAB should also indent a line if it has become misaligned

Gleb Posobin16:10:58

Tab in normal mode?