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Seeking a junior remote frontend developer clj for implementing a small/medium music app to be developed in the open. You should be able to emit valid invoices. The project has a workload/budget of up to 3 months. Feel free to DM me with a proposal (monthly hour allocation + its price + your github)

Mathew Samuel21:10:43

Ladders is looking for experienced Clojure engineers. We are a remote-first organization, and will hire anywhere in the world. We are on AWS, use Kubernetes/containers extensively, use Pulumi for deployments, and are investing heavily in CI/CD to improve engineer productivity and happiness. We are committed to functional programming and the simplicity and clear-thinking that it fosters. Most of our engineers have been with us for over 3-4 years. I'm coming up on my 5th year. Please reach out to me or @mkocubinski for any questions. Apply at


You should probably add US Eastern Time requirements. Kinda limits where you can reasonably work from. Looks cool


I had applied on 10/1 and was told that it was for US residents only. Is this no longer the case?


Correction. I had applied before to LaddersLife not Ladders. Who knew there were two "Ladder" companies hiring for Clojure :)

Mathew Samuel23:10:52

We require some overlap with Eastern hours in the beginning. With experience and mutual agreement, you can work in your own timezone eventually.