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Raymond Ko19:10:58

Thanks everyone for the help. Didn't even think about passing in fns. 🎉

Vishal Gautam19:10:32

when you invoke transact! is there a possibility to not block the thread.

Vishal Gautam19:10:55

currently when i am transacting 4000 + datoms, the app hangs for few seconds

Vishal Gautam19:10:36

is there way to perform transact! asynchronously?


if two entities are related, is there a way to find all the entities of one type which don't have a matching entity of the other type? in this contrived example, is there a way to find keys which don't have a known house?

(d/q '[:find ?key
       [?house :type :house]
       [?house :id ?house-id]
       [?key :type :key]
       [?key :house-id ?house-id]]


in that case specifically, I mean that the ?key would have a :house-id, but no house with that :house-id as its :id exists


the datomic docs mention not-join, not sure if datascript has that


looks like it does


excellent, I'll try that out 🙂 thanks!