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Steven Deobald13:10:53

it's extremely likely this isn't the channel to ask this question (happy to hear suggestions, though) but i'll try anyway: i'm moving some very "crud-ful" views and forms out of a rails app and into this clojure project. rails tends to be pretty smart about very dumb things and these user interfaces will never be fancy: they're backend-only and will only ever see a handful of users, so i'll never allow the team to turn this into a fancy javascript/clojurescript ui. for this "crud-ful" portion of the app, i'd love to dig into a toolbox of simple and boring form/handler utilities. does anyone here have any recommendations?


Is it possible to do nontrivial multipart form params with the new malli coercers? I tried something along these lines with spec a while ago without success but was hoping the new malli library would enable it. For example, I'm attempting to modify to look something like this:

         {:post {:summary    "upload a file"
                 :parameters {:multipart [:map
                                          [:file reitit.ring.malli/temp-file-part]
                                          [:type string?]
                                          [:tags [:sequential string?]]
                                          [:attributes [:map
                                                        [:stars int?]
                                                        [:location string?]]]]}
                 :responses  {200 {:body [:map [:name string?] [:size int?]]}}
                 :handler    (fn [{{{:keys [file]} :multipart} :parameters}]
                               {:status 200
                                :body   {:name (:filename file)
                                         :size (:size file)}})}}]
When I try this (example post: curl -X POST "http://localhost:3000/files/upload" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F "[email protected];type=application/json" -F "type=json" -F "tags="red","green","blue"" -F "attributes={"stars":3, "location": "beach"}") I get a classcast exception. Is this something I can do with different coercion logic using malli or is this really just not the way multipart form params should be used?


FYI, tags and attributes are the pain points. Simple key-value items work fine (like the type key).