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noob question (Warning!!! 😁) When opening spacemacs -> splash screen. How does one remove (eliminate) the "Important Messages" section (they are all .200 and not relevant)? I have seen this removed elswhere and would like to have similar config. I have looking through a rats nest of answers and none seem to apply


Do you mean messages on the home buffer? (the default buffer that opens, with the Spacemacs logo)


If there are errors, they may show there and should be resolved ideally. That is the best way to remove them.


It is not error but ╭─ Important Notes (Release 0.200.13.x) ───────────────────────────────────────╮ │ │ │ MELPA HOT FIX RELEASE │ │ │ │ - Fixes removed packages from MELPA. │ │ │ │ Essentially Emacs WIKI packages are concerned. They have been imported as │ │ local packages from Emacsmirror GitHub organization (thanks to tarsius for │ │ maintaining it) │ │ │ ╰─ Update your dotfile (SPC f e D) and packages after every update ────────────╯


not relevant to the version and I want to suppress these


That looks like release notes, press RET on the Release Notes link on the home page, or use the mouse


The release notes suggest you are running Spacemacs 0.200 and not Spacemacs 0.300 (which has lots of new features and updates)


I recommend using Spacemacs develop, especially if you are having issues or find features that are missing


Me bad it is .200 - I am using the develop branch and leverage git pul --rebase instead to ensure latest copy


A quick check is to look in the top right corner of the home buffer, it has the spacemacs version followed by the emacs version


When changing from 0.200 to 0.300, make sure you check your .spacemacs is up to date using SPC f e D


Oops missed step on fresh install 😁


We've all been there 🙂


OK so back to the question - now for all 0.300 Important Notes


Use the release notes link on the home page to toggle display of the release notes. Once they are off, they should stay off