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I'm suffering from a poor responsiveness when I trigger a key combination that's not finished. E.g. when I press , r it takes a few seconds until the popup help menu is shown. It takes even longer when I press SPC o c which is my custom prefix for some of the cider functions. In general if I don't manage to type something out (either because I don't know or because I'm too slow) the emacs freezes for several seconds. This has been magnified by my own setting dotspacemacs-which-key-delay 0.2 which I removed but it's still a very visible problem. Any ideas on how to debug this or what could be the problem?


There is a discussion about this issue here. One simplistic approach is to delete unused layers and then which-key has less to do


Thanks for the link - I'll check that for more details.


There I found this too: The suggestion to increase delays to effectively disable "which menu" wasn't satisfactory (although it solves the performance issue) so I tried to delete the elpa directory and let emacs reinstall the packages - so far it looks much better