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@olical what do you use to format clojure code on your workflow ?


I don't 😅 I've been planning on forking an existing Clojure formatting plugin for a while and getting it to work with Conjure

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I just haven't had the time recently


I just format by hand and don't find that I have to ever auto format anything (in years of prod work) I found auto formatting things like parinfer actually annoyed me more than helped since it formatted differently to how our team did things


I've used VIM's internal formatter most of the time. I've also used cljfmt frequently as well.


Yeah, sorry when I said I didn't use any I meant == and =- to reindent forms.


This is something I've been wondering about too. The biggest thing that's missing (or, hopefully, what I'm missing) is respecting CIDER's style/indent values.


Hmmm... It shouldn't be hard to use CIDER as equalprg... :thinking_face:


We use cljfmt to check formatting at the end, but I have found that there’s a misalignment on indentation (one space vs. two on non-special forms). I haven’t figured out how to get either to meet the other’s. But, yeah, just using == and default vim handling when editing.

oxalorg (Mitesh)14:10:07

Hey everyone! I recorded my vim + clojure setup a few days ago. I'm quite new to clojure and had a hard time figuring the basics out. So hopefully this can be of help to someone new to vim + clojure:

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