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morning so some reason swoop is not working for me anymore - it does filter out rows (swoop-helm) anyone else also sees it? (dev branch)


Swoop is working okay for me (develop - last updated 31st December 2019) I call it from Symbol highlight transient state


i just update today both spacemacs and packages


I can test on another laptop later tonight, I'll do a spacemacs and package update. Suspect its the package that has the bug. You can always roll back the packages if its stopping you being productive.


not that urgent, just was currious if it may be my setup


true, I can rollback, thanks


I updated Spacemacs to the latest develop , spacemacs template (no change in a while) and the latest packages. The way I use swoop seems fine. I tried it from symbol hightlight transient state and SPC s s and didnt notice any issues.


It was fixed yesterday with helm-swoop package update


Those package maintainers are good at fixing things quickly, many thanks to them all.


thanks for trying!


Based on your feedback, here and on GitHub, I have refactored the proposed keybinding changes to something I believe will be acceptable. I dont believe it affects more than a few keybindings in anyones workflow, whilst adding all the sesman tools. It also creates a nice separation between managing CIDER repls in , s (`s` is a defacto standard in Spacemacs across languages) and using the repl to evaluate , e I have dropped the , R menu and moved the send-to-repl functions to the , e evaluation menu, as after all these functions are sending code to the repl buffer to be evaluated. I have changed clearing the repl buffer to , s l which aligns with the keybinding for clearing terminal windows in general, so it should help with muscle memory. I appreciate your feedback on the GitHub repo and if acceptable, I will add the documentation and changelog entries and as the maintainers to merge the change.

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Thanks for your hard work


These do look better then initially proposed


Will need to readjust my muscle memory, as I used most of the , s bindings, but I'm behind having more logical organization of the bindings in general


The only binding I find weird is cider-refresh-nsx seems thats an evaluation to me


I would have had it with , e


Though I admit its a trickier one, cause it can be seen as a soft restart as well


Overall looks good!


@U0K064KQV I guess if you use SPC p a to switch between source and test code in your projects, it should help move to , s a to toggle between REPL and source code. And of course a and s are next door, but I appreciate muscle memory takes time to adapt. I did think about adding something to the top level to switch, as there are a lot of free keys, so doing something like , s z but as I dont use the REPL buffer its hard to test. I agree with you about cider-refresh-ns I think this should also be in the evaluation menu. I would be happy to move this too if there is concensus, so probably , e x as the new cider-refresh-ns. Any more for or against?

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In the next few weeks I will have a look to see if there are any other missing keybindings.