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@pithyless I haven't noticed any lag with aggressive indent for the last 6 months I've used it. I don't use lispyvile, maybe that makes a difference, maybe formatting is being duplicated. I was using Emacs 27 but recently switched back to 26.3. Operating system is Ubuntu Linux (19.10). Didn't experience problems on either, so it could be a change in 28. Or it could be that your large code blocks are very large indeed. Do you notice the lag with normal sizes code blocks (not large ones)?


@pithyless On my 2013 Macbook Pro I can definitely feel a slowdown when using aggressive-indent-mode with medium-to-large size files. I'm on 26.3 and I don't use lispyville.


I'm on a 2015 Macbook Pro; I'll investigate further - the perfomance is worse if you also enable clojure-align-forms-automatically.


Are there any alternatives to aggressive-indent-mode that do something similar?


I see there is e.g. a lispyville-prettify


@pithyless I use aggressive ident mode, and never noticed any lags


And BTW, I came here because I’m searching for how I can auto activate aggressive ident mode on startup, right now I toggle on every time I open spacemacs