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Jack Park19:01:40

Just to introduce moi, I aspire to build topic maps with Crux. Past variants began with the XML topic map standard on Java/MySQL, graduated to RDF (not OWL) while working on an AI platform at SRI, and these days, java/JSON/postgress/elasticsearch. Now, to see what it takes to map my JSON structures into Crux docs.

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Hi again! Thanks for your intro - I wish Slack could somehow encourage more people to do the same 🙂 I have been spiking a JSON<->Crux translation for the HTTP interface recently. I think the main constraints are that all attributes become strings and IDs would have to become nested maps, e.g. something like `{"crux.db/id": {"crux.db/json-id": true, "some-key": "some-identifier"}, "color": "red"} -- you would also have to sacrifice the ability to use Crux with edn at the same time, otherwise you will probably run into compatibility issues (p.s. I will respond on the email thread as soon as I can)


Hi @jackpark welcome. It's a friendly bunch in this channel so please fire any questions you have as you try out Crux :-)