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Hi, How should I translate typical POST JSON body camel case keys into typical kebab case Clojure ones? I have not been able to find out in docs yet, not even by searching Google. Thanks in advance !


i usually use camel-snake-kebab for this sort of thing: in general i'd recommend not changing data in this way - it's much easier to reason about when names stay the same. might make sense in your case though!


(see the "Serving Suggestions" section for JSON usage)


hi conan, thanks for your reply ! I have been trying to perform this setup according to, which seems a right context to implement your suggestions, but gave up as I've realized that, as I will implement front-end with Clojurescript, I could use EDN instead of JSON. Thanks !


hey, is there any way to have both ring/router and http/router routes handled at the same time? I'd like to re-use most of ring middlewares I have already written, but also to have a few separate routes working in purely asynchronous way, preferrably with interceptors which http/router handles.