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Tamizhvendan S04:01:22

Hi, I have published a library in Clojar ( 12 hours ago but when I try to refer it via deps I am getting the following error

Error building classpath. Could not find artifact org.graphqlize:graphlize:jar:0.1.0-alpha1 in central ()
How can I resolve it?


may be the following will be of some help. iiuc, the reason clojars gets consulted via clj is usually(?) because there is some deps.edn file that has a section like:

:mvn/repos {
    "central" {:url ""}
    "clojars" {:url ""}
on my machine that happens to be the file /usr/local/lib/clojure/deps.edn. i learned this by first examining the output of clj -Sdescribe and looking through the files listed under the :config-files key.

Tamizhvendan S12:01:30

Thanks @sogaiu. But it didn’t help. I even put :mvn/repos in deps file but still it didn’t work

Tamizhvendan S12:01:44

Oops. It was a typo. Renamed graphlize to graphqlize and it got fixed

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is clojars down? or is it just me?


@darwin It looks like it should be back up now - it may have had an OOM and restarted


@tcrawley thanks, it seems to be up now, but my release seems to be borked, the problem is that it accepted incomplete and I cannot re-deploy,


Failed to deploy metadata: Could not transfer metadata binaryage:dirac/maven-metadata.xml from/to clojars ( Access denied to:, ReasonPhrase: Forbidden - redeploying non-snapshots is not allowed (see


previously the deploy failed with multiple “Could not transfer artifact binaryage:dirac:pom:1.5.4 from/to clojars ( Read timed out”


used lein for that


I see 1.5.4 at and 1.5.4 mentioned in so it may have completed correctly. Can you paste the full log you got on the failed deploy?


the dependencies definitely don’t look ok (but it might be my mistake I tinkered with them for 1.5.4 release)


here is the pom.xml which should be associated with that release:


should I wait for some kind of removal/fix of 1.5.4 or should I go ahead and mark 1.5.4 as broken and release 1.5.5 instead?


Sorry, in a meeting. The quickest fix would be to release 1.5.5 - I won't have time to look in to how to fix 1.5.4 in the next 8 hours or so at least.


ok, don’t worry about it, I will simply release a new one, only few people use this anyways


My pleasure! Sorry for the trouble.