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I have Mojave Spacemacs 0.200.13 Emacs 26.1 leinigen 2.8.1 Clojure 1.9 and I get this with coder-jack-in: (anybody else have this or have suggestions) error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: /usr/local/bin/lein: line 72: basename: command not found /usr/local/bin/lein: line 103: mktemp: command not found /usr/local/bin/lein: line 122: java: command not found /usr/local/bin/lein: line 144: rm: command not found


There's a problem with your PATH in Emacs somehow. Are you launching emacs via GUI or via command line?


Command line


In the same command line environment, if you echo $PATH, do you see (in the :-delimited entries) anything for /bin or /usr/bin? That's where those binaries should be. You can echo $PATH | perl -pe 's/:/\n/g' for better readability.


It is there I have /bin /usr/bin and usr/local/bin java (1.8.0_81-B13) is at /usr/bin and I can load lein repl from the terminal in Emacs and connect but of course cider-jack-in is easier -


Not sure if this will be helpful, but maybe check your *Messages* buffer for any messages related to the path. I would think that when launching emacs from the CLI it would inherit its environment from the shell, but I don't know for sure. For example, I see a message like the following, although it doesn't affect my ability to cider-jack-in: > You appear to be setting environment variables ("PATH") in your .bashrc or .zshrc: those files are only read by interactive shells, so you should instead set environment variables in startup files like .profile, .bash_profile or .zshenv. Refer to your shell’s man page for more info. Customize ‘exec-path-from-shell-arguments’ to remove "-i" when done, or disable ‘exec-path-from-shell-check-startup-files’ to disable this message.


Also, it might be worth trying to introspect the environment that emacs has. I'm not sure of the best way to do it, but one way might be to launch an eshell session (`SPC a s e`) and then echo $PATH to see what it reports.


With that, I'm out. Good luck!


Did you figure out your issue?