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This is so annoying, anytime I update spacemacs it breaks my config


@petr - "doctor, whenever I stretch my leg and try to put it around my head, it really hurts" - "well, maybe don't do that?" 🙂 can you elaborate what's breaking?


It's just frustrating. Everytime I update spacemacs there appears to be something missing from the new file. In this case it's dotspacemacs-mode-line-theme. I updated that. However. Now when I try to start a cljs repl. It does not seem to initialize figwheel properly. And asks me which cljs repl I'd like to start. If I revert to my old .spacemacs file. It is all good again


The problem is that I have several machines. And provision new ones pretty frequently, so this cannot be avoided


to be fair though, most of the time it is not a problem of Spacemacs, but it is an upstream issue. This is exactly the case. CIDER guys updated a few things


maybe jump to #cider and check my conversation with Dan Sutton a few hours ago


I just found that


Thank you


This is the option that appears to be breaking things for me:

;; If non-nil, a form that evaluates to a package directory. For example, to
   ;; use different package directories for different Emacs versions, set this
   ;; to `emacs-version'.
   dotspacemacs-elpa-subdirectory 'emacs-version


When was the last time you did SPC f e D ?

Drew Verlee01:03:32

Whare are my options for changing the name of a function and having that change happen everywhere its used? Or, more generally, how to do ppl make those kinds of changes in spacemcas?


Define "everywhere". Project wise?


Or in a file?


For the former you can do SPC *, then C-c C-e then either use multiple cursors or iEdit to make changes, then C-c C-c saves *all* the files

Drew Verlee16:03:35

In a project. I’m using projectile (i think thats the name).