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@donmullen We’re deploying using AWS Codebuild and CodePipeline: 1. On Git push, Codebuild runs tests and builds an uberjar, which is put in an S3 bucket. 2. CodePipeline picks up the jar and deploys it in your EB environment using whatever update strategy you’ve configured.


I have a simple sample project up and running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and would like to access Datomic Cloud. I’m relatively new to AWS — how straight-forward will it be to give my server access? Any pointers into sample configurations for beanstalk and/or docs before I dive in this afternoon? Being new to AWS - how realistic is it for me to ramp up and get connected today? AWS docs are pretty dense! I liked how straight-foward it was to get datomic cloud up an running locally - any similar guide available for a sample app running in elastic beanstalk to access Datomic Cloud? Cross posted to #datomic.