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Anyone knowing any good presentation layers that support clj/cljs-repl to use inside spacemacs? I'm not talking about exporting to html, reveal etc, but presentation layers like epresent and S5 (which both are based on org-mode, which is cool). What I'm actually after is something like epresent and S5, but with editable code blocks that can be evaluated inline. Not sure if it exists, but it'd be amazing if that's possible 😛.


if they are based on org, do they just use org babel blocks?


using clj(s) from org-babel is possible (though I hear it's tricky to set up)


anyone using spacemacs in windows? was trying it out and there’s a subtle flicker when scrolling that isn’t present on my setup in macos


@chris yeah... can't seem to make clj/cljs to work with org mode properly.


I wish I could help more, I have seen people successfully get it to work but I can't find any good blogs or anything


sorry 😕


My hands are itching to write a package that works with Lumo. sadly I'm too lazy and too busy and too stupid - all at the same time