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@bhauman — took 20m to upgrade to 0.5.15-SNAPSHOT. Seems to work great from MacOS terminal. Also works inside of Cursive — having a little trouble with some REPL commands to print re-frame app-db… Rolling back to old version to see if it has anything to do with new figwheel…


0.5.14: REPL session looks like

(in-ns '
=> nil
(def x @re-frame.db/app-db)
=> #'
dev:cljs.user=> (in-ns '> (def x @re-frame.db/app-db)
----  Compiler Warning on   <cljs form>   line:1  column:9  ----

  Use of undeclared Var re-frame.db/app-db

  1  (def x @re-frame.db/app-db)

----  Compiler Warning  ----
#'> x
{:board-lists [],
 :move-save-old-board-id nil,
 :current-card-comments [],
 :new-list-form "",
 :name "re-frame",


@bhauman — huh… 0.5.15 gives a warning that 0.5.14 doesn’t give, but I can still access the x… I guess it still “works”, but something seems amiss?


@bhauman — wow, color output is really awesome… I think I’m going to really miss color in the Cursive REPL!!!!


@bhauman Looks good (actually, great) on Arch 4.15.2-2, OpenJDK Java 8


@genekim Thanks for the info. 🙂 What version of clojurescript were you using before you upgraded figwheel in your example?


@genekim I have confirmed this behavior and I'm looking for the problem, thanks!


Realized after I went to bed that I should have specified ClojureScript versions. For your reference, here’s my project.clj dependencies.


@genekim can you confirm that you just need to do a lein clean to prevent the behavior you mentioned above? That's hat it took to fix mine


Alas, no. Lein clean and rebuild still resulted in warning. I tried numerous times (uh, I’m almost certain). :) Happened with lein figwheel and inside cursive REPL. I will try again tonight though! Hoping it’s that easy! @bhauman