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@donmullen curious if you figured it out


@tony.kay - I ended up cloning the incoming js-props with gobj/clone - setting values on that and passing it on. That works - unclear of the ramifications.


Turns out the js-props object was frozen. See - so cloning it and passing it on seems the right call.


@donmullen Ah thanks. I actually started to suggest it seemed immutable, but didn’t know this method existed in js.


@tony.kay - There is also Object.seal() - and functions isFrozen() and isSealed() to check. By definition - all frozen objects are also sealed.


Yeah, I see that in the docs now


hi all, just curious. how’s the fulcro shadow-cljs template coming along?


@levitanong I’ve been using a template with the shadow-cljs option for some react component integration testing :`Usage: lein new fulcro app-name [-h|demo|nodemo|v1|shadow-cljs]` — the shadow-cljs builds are working well.


@levitanong I’ve been using it with a client, and it’s going well. Thomas seems willing and able to release a fix almost as soon as anyone reports it, so I’d say even if you find a problem you won’t be stuck for long. We had initial problems with the REPL in IntelliJ, but that’s been fixed since about 2.1.16


I’d recommend bumping to the latest version, whatever it is (in package.json AND project.clj).


Agreed - I had a minor issue with binaryage/oops that was giving an error in the repl - Thomas had it fixed about 5 minutes after I reported it in the slack channel! Definitely get the latest (currently 2.1.25).


nice! considering migrating my current work project over to shadow-cljs since npm integration has been dodgy


@levitanong Couple of things to note. Consider running the shadow-cljs server ( - as startup is a bit slow (Thomas removed AOT recently until working out some issues). Also - shadow-cljs did drop cljsjs support - but that’s generally not a problem as most are just simple wrappers. Pulling in directly from npm is much better!


Thanks for the tips, @donmullen !


are there any notes about how to slide custom html tag types into an app and have it play nicely with fulcro? building on electron and I’d like to use a tag that doesn’t exist in the html spec


grepped around the book but couldn’t really find anything on it


looks like I can utilize the dom/element fn, just want to make sure that’s actually the right way to do this


actually I take that back, looks like that fn is clj only and not available on the client. open to any suggestions!


yep that works no problem. was looking at the dom.cljc file and was a little confused how to swing that on the client 😅


thanks for the help