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reading this old blogpost will change the way how you eat corn. > I wouldn't be surprised to find out that where people fall in the emacs/vi debate is correlated with how they eat corn I am a die-hard Vimmer who uses Emacs (because Emacs is better Vim than Vim). And now I have no idea how to eat corn.


and my head hurts, because I cannot recall how I used to eat corn. I simply never thought about it. And now my life is a struggle. Vim, Emacs and that blogpost have ruined it for me. Simply eating corn is now not possible.


That is amazing! An odd correlation, but I'm inclined to believe it. I suspect I'm more of an algebraist, although I've only taken one analysis class. (It was difficult, but I liked it OK.) But I definitely eat my corn in rows. Fascinating! 👏


Hi all, quick one: has anyone who uses Spacemacs managed to pin the CIDER and clj-refactor packages to the latest stable version? Spacemacs only seems to be able to download the latest snapshot as far as I can tell?


if you switch to develop branch of Spacemacs, it uses spacelpa with stable packages by default


note: for the moment this is the case, soon it will be the other way around and develop will get bleeding edge packages and master will have stable on spacelpa


they're just testing the spacelpa functionality on dev right now


just yesterday author added a var dotspacemacs-use-spacelpa or something like that


@ag, @jeff.terrell Fascinating article re: Corn — I’ve wondered about the Clojurists using Emacs and Rubyists Vim - and if for Clojure it is the lisp in Emacs or whether fp fits better with Emacs - I’m not sure what attracts Rubyists to vim -- so I’m thinking Spacemacs is right for us that switch back and forth with corn eating and fp, oop - or maybe it is the path to ruin and we need to get off the fence


I've gotta think there's value in being able to have one foot in each world. Especially if you can understand both deeply. Some of our best innovations come from such people. Heck, evil-mode itself must have been made by somebody who both understood vim deeply and loved emacs deeply. :-)