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cursive feels bogged down like it's running extensive lookups almost every key stroke, sometimes my cursor freezes for up to a second while it does stuff. is there anything I can do to turn off or reduce what it's trying to do?


actually maybe it's Intellij itself since even opening menus has a delay


I’ve seen that sometimes with background tasks running, like indexing or generating stubs. The generating stubs one is kind of a gotcha, because you click on the link that says “Generate” or whatever, and it starts a bg task, but it’s not real obvious that it has done so. I clicked like 4 times once before I realized that each click was starting a new, separate bg task, and it seriously slowed down the IDE


I'm working on my lein plugin, and am observing the bizarre behavior that the cursive repl fails to start merely by virtue of having my empty(!) plugin registered in the project.clj


it fails when the plugin has an empty foo.plugin namespace, but it succeeds when the plugin has no namespaces


it won't tell me how lein is failing, so I might have to get creative to figure out how to get that information


does intellij use its own version of lein somehow? it's not calling mine, apparently


so if I rename the plugin from devloper to developer the problem goes away I can also see that the name devloper elicits a spellcheck warning when editing the project.clj Is cursive incompatible with plugins that look like spelling errors?


nevermind, that theory was as absurd as it sounded


my new theory is that it can't handle a SNAPSHOT release of a plugin being updated


maybe it's hashing the jar file and noticing it doesn't match?