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parrot Library Announcement parrot ~ Hey, all. I'd like to announce a library for adding indexes to a re-frame app db. It's drawn from experience of growing a re-frame database that holds lots of domain data. github: docs: Pull Requests invited in for a tea and a biscuit


nice, from the example reg-sub :fruits-with-colour, majority of subscription db access become trivial with compound


@U7DKLTCQJ yes! you've got it exactly 🙂 try and make most of the subscription db access trivial,


I haven’t used the new inline subscriptions stuff in form-1 components before, but am just now trying that for the first time, and am seeing weird behavior


with this code:


The first thing to get logged is literally [::current-state]. Once figwheel reloads or anything else happens then it’s :login


has anyone here used re-frame-test successfully with lein doo? I keep getting cryptic errors when the test attempts to run. `/Users/bgorman/Development/molo/out/cljsjs/create-react-class/development/ var ReactNoopUpdateQueue = new React.Component().updater; ^ ReferenceError: React is not defined`