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question: is there a sort of “formatting gauntlet” test file that you use to ensure parinfer behaves as expected?


my team is settling on an indentation style for clojure and we’re trying to get the emacs, vim, cursive and atom people all on the same page for our tooling


Bit OT, but I'd love to see a write up if you manage to succeed. We've found this immensely difficult.


it’ll end up in our wiki if we do, and for the most part we’d like to give back, so I’ll make the case for that


since there are a lot of lisp newbies and it’s more friendly, I’m strongly advocating for parinfer, but the project lead is an old-time emacs guy


I'm not sure exactly how to get it to work in Clojure-land, but wiring up something like parlinter or cljfmt as a Git precommit hook might be a good solution, so even those who don't use Parinfer will always commit Parinfer-friendly code


as for the "formatting gauntlet," there are definitely a bunch of test cases in the repo if you want to look through:


@mattly I agree with what @rgdelato says --^ Check out Parlinter as a light-weight tool to enforce indentation style:


thanks both of you