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Drew Verlee17:11:58

When i use a quote inside my s-expression then press enter. my s-epxression gets pushed 2 spaces to the right. Its driving me nuts. example:

(def foo "
now when i do anything (add a char, press enter, etc...) It moves the expression forward
(def foo "

Drew Verlee17:11:23

its something special just with double quotes


@drewverlee I don't observe such behavior.

Drew Verlee18:11:22

im on the develop branch. Any idea what could cause this?

Drew Verlee18:11:26

happens on master to


I don't know. Do you use parinfer or something like that?

Drew Verlee18:11:01

I was, then i tried removing it isolate the problem.

Drew Verlee18:11:30

on master branch with a fresh install of everything and it seems to happen. Ill try to fill a more specific bug report when i have time.