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You are perfectly right, being a independent consultant myself i have moved to clojure / clojurescript stack because i can do the complete work without changing my tool set and in half the time, but if you suggest clojure / clojurescript as the proposed people take a step as that is not the in-thing


If you choose a particular tech, you need to stick to your guns if you want to make a living that way. It's a lot easier to be polyglot -- but that's often not as much fun 🙂


I've had sporadic successes in introducing Clojure in my workplaces, but it's mainly been limited to "throwaway" code for hack days or applications such as data migration. Unless you're lucky enough to have like-minded advocates, it's a tough sell for anything that others are going to have to review or maintain. However, with the burgeoning popularity of React I think I detect a glimmer of hope - front-end developers seem increasingly receptive to the virtues of immutable data structures. That said, my neck of the woods (the North West of England) is a bit of a Clojure desert aside from the odd oasis in Manchester.


conversion at the workplace is easier said than done no doubt. I've rarely ever convinced colleagues/CTO at Ruby shops of following a more functional style, let alone switching languages. in fact that's been my main source of tension at such workplaces - I coded in a very data-oriented manner (lots of constants, maps, minimal OO, pure fns) and the others were like, WTF


...partly that's why I said ClojureScript in Javascript groups, or Clojure in functional groups etc, generally I'd have little faith in e.g. PHP, Ruby or Java people. Take a team of 10 of them and there will be a huge variance in aptitude, interests, etc. I'd expect less variance in a React or Scala team - more chances for conversion.