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@weavejester thanks for your help ~last week with my wrap-content-type question. everything finally clicked for me. i know understand that i really should only return response maps (and then it’s actually easier to just use ring.util.response when i do) when i really need to, and if i just return a string compojure will build the response for me and the middleware behaves as expected 👍:skin-tone-2:


was a fun rollercoaster ride of “i know how to build clojure web apps → i don’t know anything → AHA!“ 😉


Returning response maps isn’t necessarily bad; it’s just that Compojure has a few shortcuts based on type that make things easier:


But I’m glad everything clicked for you 🙂


this was born of a middleware refactor; wanted to conform to wrap-defaults + wrap-file-info deprecation. starting with returning response maps was actually good for learning/understanding ring.