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Hello! Is there a perscribed approach for a multi-module client (CLJS) and server (CLJ)? I looked at but that seems more geared towards CLJ only and the boot-cljs-example here only references a CLJS. Any combined project examples that people can suggest?


thanks @sinistral! Was hoping there was a way to have profiles with different dependency graphs/plugins but the require doesn’t seem to work to allow imported commands (eg cljs).


Does anyone have a boot-cljs-repl-based workflow with npm they'd be willing to share? I struggling to get even simple examples working (, (adapted to use :npm-deps)); I'm certain I'm that missing something and that I could benefit from studying a working example.


While it's not the cleanest workflow, I finally have this working... was the key. That may very well be what I was missing when I first tried :npm-deps, so I'm going to revisit that flow.


hi, I'm just starting out with boot. I am trying to run boot jar, and I see Writing project.jar... on stdout, but can't find the created jar and find . -name '*.jar' is empty


I didn't set :target-path, so that should be target I guess


You have to run target task


boot jar target