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I want to write a layer as a hook for clojure-mode that will add keybind functionality for smartparens and some custom functions, but I'm unsure of how to do that


Ok figured out the layer part but, how do I write a function to disable and enable the layer ;o


alice: checkout my layer based on official clojure-layer maybe it will give you some ideas


@U0G75ARHC do you use ag-clojure instead of the clojure layer or do you include both in the dot-spacemacs/layers section?


Ah, I see in the layers.el of your package you include the clojure layer. So your ag-clojure layer will load in the clojure layer even if its not in the .spacemacs list of layers. Thats nice.


I have it in my .spacemacs, but it I ever wantt to disable it


alice: I assume if you want to disable your own layer you comment (or delete) the layer name from the layers list in .spacemacs