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@bradleesand @curlyfry @pcj thank you for clearing that up! Yeah shared functions sounds like a good idea, I was wondering about how best to mitigate changes in structure to the db with minimal effect, and that should work 🙂


Should I use reagent 0.7.0 or 0.6.2 for re-frame 0.9.4?


@mbertheau any of the above will work


Great, thanks!


Hi, new to re-frame


Any idea why luminus is pointed at from the main github readme, as the full-stack solution for re-frame?


Anything deep in how luminus very optimally fits backend integration with a re-frame front-end, better than other options or simply my own integration code?


i don't know why luminus is singled out @matan , but re-frame works just great with other backends - i'm particularly fond of #yada but have also used vanilla compojure quite happily with re-frame


it's all the same really


@mccraigmccraig thanks, and thanks for the tip about yada


@matan I would assume that since Luminus is a web app template (as well as a framework) and it has a template profile for re-frame, then it’s a nice and easy option to recommend for people that just want to get started quickly without too much of a learning curve for the server-side, if you just want to focus on the re-frame learning curve, which is more than enough for most people (that’s not meant to be slight, it’s simply that re-frame is quite a different paradigm for many devs to absorb). Regardless, I used Luminus to get started with re-frame myself and it worked out pretty well, and because Luminus is relatively loosely coupled it’s easy to swap libs in and out as your app grows 🙂


Thanks 🙂


I'm also looking at for naive backend integration.. anyway, I am getting #off-topic here