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@jstokes If you still want to use a mouse click to open your recent files, you can add the following line to the dot-spacemacs/user-config section of .spacemacs (define-key spacemacs-buffer-mode-map [down-mouse-1] nil). This seems to stop the yanking of the last kill-ring content into the opened file.


@bja I concur, using github gist region SPC g g r leaves me with the highlighted region in the clipboard. Using github gits buffer SPC g g b adds the newly created gist URL to the clipboard though. Seems like a bug (or at least a change in behaviour) with github gist region.


that's great, thanks @jr0cket! I usually avoid the mouse but for some reason I've got it engrained to click the first file I open


Yep, it took a little focus for me to switch to using r and then pressing Enter. o also opens the file, so your finger has less distance to travel 😉


Its taken me about 4 weeks to stop using the mouse. As I have a Thinkpad its so tempting as the mouse tip is right there in the middle of the keyboard. I try keep its use to outside of Spacemacs...