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@eggsyntax initially I was opposed to the idea of using layouts and eyebrowse, but they turned out to be extremely nice, especially when you have to manage multiple projects. Just start with pressing SPC l ?


@ag yeah, I did that. I took several stabs at going that route over the last year, and could never get it to work very well. I wonder whether it plays poorly with using emacs in server/client mode. Or maybe I just misunderstood something, who knows? I'll stick with desktop since I finally have a solid working solution.


@eggsyntax maybe because layouts broke a lot in the past months. I recently started using workspaces as well, they turned out to be handy as well.


the only thing that I still strongly feel I don’t need is purpose. That I have disabled and never tried again.


has anyone updated packages lately, did cider-jack-in got broken? Or it’s something wrong on my machine?


I update packages regularly but use cider-connect due to the fact that Spacemacs sometimes crashes on me.


I did use cider-jack-in the other day and it seemed fine.