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Pavel Klavík00:01:48

Hi, I am trying to hunt down a strange bug. I have a multifunction defined in multiple files. When I start watch process, the function is not called correctly. When I modify the source file, for instance by adding a log there, Shadow logo shows in the bottom left corner and everything works fine, even after removing the added line. When I restart shadow-cljs, the problem repeats, and it also happens within release build. If I keep the log there and restart watch, the line is not printed to console.

Pavel Klavík00:01:33

Also reloading the app in the browser causes the same problem, again only fixed after reloading the file. If I write console.log as the top level form, it is called in the beginning. But not inside the multifn. I am running 2.11.11.

Pavel Klavík00:01:22

Ok, sorry, I have found it, I had the same method overridden by another file 🙂.

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Vincent Cantin16:01:00

hi, are there any example of build hooks? what people do with this feature?


I use it to show a little OS notification if I get a warning (usually I keep shadow's term hidden).

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