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Michael Kropat16:01:24

probably more of a Graal question than a Clojure question, but asking here since I (ideally) want to native-image an app that uses Caesium ( are there are any examples of projects (Clojure or otherwise) that support native-image and use jnr-ffi or JNA or really anything that's not vanilla JNI? my initial attempt at native-imaging w/ Caesium, which uses jnr-ffi, suggests to me there could be a lot of figuring out needed to get it to work, given this runtime error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.kenai.jffi.Foreign.invokeN2O2(JJJJLjava/lang/Object;IIILjava/lang/Object;III)J [symbol: Java_com_kenai_jffi_Foreign_invokeN2O2 or Java_com_kenai_jffi_Foreign_invokeN2O2__JJJJLjava_lang_Object_2IIILjava_lang_Object_2III]


@hello784 An unsatisfied link error probably requires you to set the java.libraries.path to the .dll/.so/.dylib directory

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inside the native-image