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> On some days I'm wondering if I should just drop everything Java-related as it's such a pain in the ass. Hope it's tongue-in-cheek ;p especially as I'm set out to solve (see the last post) As a semi-related idea, if javadocs in particular are a PITA, one could indeed drop them, as they are strictly a subset of java sources. I see Orchard already does some Java source parsing. There's the com.github.javaparser package as well which might be particuarly stable


@vemv Our parser is much simpler than GitHub's - we don't really need an AST for Java sources or something like this. Orchard's Java parser extracts only the data we need for the info functionality (source locations, JavaDoc, etc).


for clarity, I was talking about which artifact, oddly enough is prefixed com.github


what I had in mind is - you don't need javadoc if one does a simple parsing of a single source file. you get exactly the same info a javadoc would give you, right?


Yeah, that's true. The only downside would be the need for a third-party dep. Part of the reason we've opted for our simpler approach is to avoid having any deps in Orchard.


yeah a java dep doesn't sound mranderson-able :)


It actually handles those, but Orchard doesn't use mranderson, only cider-nrepl does. And the info functionality for Clojure, Java and ClojureScript happens to live in Orchard currently.

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(and it's the thing that got broken by some changes in Java 15)