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Harley Waagmeester02:01:03

hmm... i've just installed intellij and cursive

Harley Waagmeester08:01:31

wowser, wsl, vcXsrv, XLaunch, emacs, cider, lein.. it's all woking very well, i'm impressed, kudos to these fellows that did all that work creating everything like that

Harley Waagmeester08:01:45

i forget i'm even using windows

Harley Waagmeester08:01:08

it does use up 9G of memory


About emacs + lsp, i think it got a lot better lately with the native json integration


@codeperfect and this number will only increase. It’s one of the weird things of WSL2. It’s best to give it a maximum. This is due to Linux claiming memory for file caching


I also mention this in my blog about WSL2


So emacs 27+, emacs 28 should bring its own set of perf improvements too (the native branch work)

Harley Waagmeester18:01:44

@borkdude i read your blog, i learned a lot

👍 6