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Hi, I just ran lein new re-frame demo +less +10x +re-frisk +calva +kondo +test +handler and everything from Calva worked great but in order to get "less watch/auto" behaviour I need to run lein less auto (BTW shadow-cljs correctly picks up the changes) is there an example of hooking in lein-less ? For a dodgy hack ... (defn hook { :configure} [build-state & args] (future (shell/sh "lein" "less" "auto")) build-state)


I'm relatively new to ClojureScript and I'm working on a demo project to pitch CLJS for our next project at work. I'd like to include Dynadoc ( in that project, and I've used shadow-cljs, not Lien or Boot. How would I use Dynadoc from shadow-cljs? Any advice would be much appreciated!