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Andreas Edvardsson16:05:01

I'm trying to get a union resolver/query to work but have failed so far. I have made a simple example with my best attempt so far, and I would be really happy if someone could point out what I'm doing wrong 🙂 Is it correct that union resolvers are specified just as a normal output join, and the union "logic" is present just in the query? I'm on pathom version 2.2.30.

Andreas Edvardsson08:06:05

I think I've figured out what I'm doing wrong now, union resolvers can't be "to-many" (or can they?).

Andreas Edvardsson08:06:16

By introducing the concept of a single "search-result", the resolver now looks like:

(pc/defresolver search-resolver
  [_ {:keys [search/term]}]
  {::pc/input  #{:search/term}
   ::pc/output [{:search/results
                 [{:search/result [:image/id :video/id]}]}]}
  {:search/results [{:search/result {:image/id 1}}
                    {:search/result {:video/id 3}}]})
The query:
(async/<!! (parser {} [{[:search/term "my-search-term"]
                              {:image/id [:image/name]
                               :video/id [:video/title]}}]}]}]))

  ;; => {[:search/term "my-search-term"] #:search{:results [#:search{:result #:image{:name "Red flower"}}
  ;;                                                        #:search{:result #:video{:title "A day in life"}}]}}