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Good Morning!


How's your weekend going? I'm working on next.jdbc 🙂


Going okay thank you Sean - warm/hot here in the UK. I saw your announcement on the move of the project 🙂


That was HoneySQL 🙂 Been working on enhanced datafy/`nav` support in next.jdbc since then... and, boy, are JDBC types weird 😐


ah yes, sorry!


Tinkering with some more gamedev myself =)…


@folcon sounds cool! what you working on??


The one-liner is that I’m building a grand strategy game =)… (lookup crusader kings 2 or victoria 2 or hearts of iron for more modern takes on this concept). The cliff notes is a game where the entire thing is based around a simulation of agents, but thousands to hundreds of thousands of them. The player is just treated as another agent in the system with minimal special handling… The game itself is multiplayer, focused around economic actions, as opposed to being a wargame and the setting that I’m going for is sort of dnd style fantasy. This turns into a really interesting thing as it’s built in clojure (I wanted a way of dealing with complex data and interactions between them without having to focus on low level detail, but still keep it performant…) I’m still having some difficulties managing some of the performance sides of it, so for the moment I’ve shrunk all the numbers =)… The system is playable and live, in a stage I call super-alpha ;)… What I have currently working is an agent driven demand system, stores that sell things to the agents and a stock market system that players can buy shares from. My intention is to slowly increase the scope of actions available to the player… The game-server resets every day with the only information saved is login data, this will slowly increase as players find the gameplay fun enough to want a longer time horizon to play against =)…

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