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when I'm in the repl (from emacs/cider) why would it give me an error in the shadow watch terminal that a variable is undeclared whereas in the repl it goes ahead and gives me its correct value?


Is it possible to have my shadow-cljs apps connect to the shadow-cljs server at something other than localhost while I'm developing? Instead of


e.g. if i'm running stuff in docker containers and want to have a container running the shadow-cljs server, and have others connect to it using the service name declared in a docker-compose file


I'm having trouble getting shadow-cljs working with deps.edn following these directions: A basic example is here: shadow-cljs start seems to go on forever and shadow-cljs watch app is failing:


@nilpunning clojurescript 1.10.439 is required, older versions don't work (with shadow-cljs 2.7.x)


That did it, you're the best! Thank you!