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Bobbi Towers17:12:32

Since I needed a way to mark up algebraic expressions, I got to dive back into TeX to use MathJax. I've used TeX in the past for a couple of projects, one for doing sheet music notation with Lilypond, and once for publishing a Hebrew/English text which needed to read in both directions. I'm hoping that this repo could eventually serve as a system for other people wanting to learn math with Clojure. I could probably write a whole blog post about my misconception of the "Clojure beginner", which has been a kind of humble awakening for me. The "beginner experience" as often discussed constantly confuses me, because usually the things people complain about being difficult seem trivial to me or vice versa. What I think I've realized is, I'm not just a beginner to Clojure, I'm an actual beginner, which feels a little lonely. The point I want to make is that I think Clojure is an amazing first language from the perspective of a total beginner. When I see folks struggling, it's most often because they already know how to do it in their other language. I have an interview next week at the University of Cambridge, to work on a platform for biological data analysis.

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