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Drew Verlee01:12:59

it seems ispell buffer will spell check all the text for me. Which is good enough as an assistant check, without having to put in the energy of looking at every single word in the file 🙂

Drew Verlee01:12:19

it requires i add words from my project to the dictionary of course


The clojure-cheatsheet package is now deprecated and moved into clojure-mode, so I am looking at creating a pull request to update this in the clojure layer. You can already run SPC SPC cider-cheatsheet to get the cheatsheet, however the , h c keybinding is bound to the broken clojure-cheatsheet.


Whenever I try to run cider tests automatically it closes my repl buffer. Any idea why that happens or how to learn why?


Is the REPL buffer actually closing (and probably killing your REPL) or is the test results buffer just being shown in the same window (effective hiding the REPL window)?


What keybinding / command are you using to run the tests? Do the tests run outside of Spacemacs (e.g. with lein test)


@U05254DQM The repl window is closed but the buffer still runs. I have put the cider-test-report buffer in a vertical split above the repl. I have set auto testing to on so that it runs lein test everything a file is loaded C-c k. Does that help? I can record a gif if that would be helpful.


A gif could be useful. I dont usually have the REPL buffer shown in a window, but its always there in the buffer list (if I kill the REPL buffer, then it kills the repl). I will open a simple Leiningen project, run the REPL, show the repl buffer in a window (`, s s`) and run the tests to see if I can replicate it. From memory, a test report window will open and replace one of the other buffers that was being show (although all buffers stayed open).


@U05254DQM Here’s a gif of the expected results, for some reason it was behaving as expected. What happens is sometimes I do C-c k and the repl buffer window closes and the test expands to full height.


Hmm, I dont have a keybinding for C-c k, what function is that calling (`SPC h d b` should tell you)? I am running , t a to run all tests and the test report buffer will display in place of an existing buffer if the test buffer is not already showing. This is normal behaviour as I understand it. The test buffer should be the active window (has the cursor) so pressing q will quit the test report and show you the buffer that was in the window previously (eg. your repl). If you have the test report buffer shown in a window, then any new test report should always appear there. If you find this behaviour not to your liking, you could look into to define a configuration to guide Emacs placement of windows (this is not something I have tried yet)


@U05254DQM Oh it was C-c C-K which with a pretty stock spacemacs is cider-load-buffer


Ah, that makes sense, I have that binding. I never use it though. I use , e b if I want to evaluate the whole buffer (but rarely do that either). Interesting to learn about other peoples workflow though.


got sick of moving the cursor in evil mode to so I swiped this from evil-adjust and modified it.

(defun user/cider-eval-last-sexp (&optional arg)
    (interactive "P")
    (let ((eval-exp #'cider-eval-last-sexp))
         (cl-case evil-state
           ('normal (progn
                      (evil-append 1)
                      (funcall eval-exp arg)
           ('visual (progn
                      (evil-append 1)
                      (funcall eval-exp arg)
            (funcall eval-exp arg)))))


We could use a docstring with the usage 😬


Never knew about clojure-cheatsheet/`cider-cheatsheet`...nifty