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I know I want a Xeon processor driving my next ultra-thin laptop, but do I actually need it? That is my current dilemma! Lenovo have an X1 carbon style laptop called the P1, which has an option for a Xeon E-2176M processor: Anyone using a Xeon processor system (laptop or workstation) for their Clojure (JVM) development? Would a Xeon processor make Emacs even faster?


Funnily enough, I was also thinking of getting a Lenovo laptop. Not sure if I can justify an extra £500 for a Xeon, though


@conor.p.farrell X1 Carbon is still my favourite Lenovo and the 6th gen is a very reasonable price at the moment (£1400 for hi-Rez screen, i7 cpu and 16Gb of RAM). All new Lenovo laptops seem to be 10% off at the moment from (I select the cheapest config and then upgrade the components, so I don’t pay for windows pro)

Rachel Westmacott19:12:22

Today I am mostly making typos while trying to get to grips with the Workman key layout.


Hmm, found this on my search, it looks remarkably cheap for what you get:


@conor.p.farrell I would err on the side of caution with Entroware. My wife got one for work and it crashes a lot. Lots of SIGSEGV errors, etc.


Yeah, AFAICT they are reselling Clevo barebones laptops which is why it's mysteriously cheap


@peterwestmacott I've wanted to try that for so long. Keep us updated as you go!