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I'm really happy that the improved error message support (by means of exposing sci/stacktrace and sci/format-stacktrace) makes a huge difference with respect to error reporting in the Scittle powered ClojureScript playground at ! Very much appreciating @borkdude's help with that!

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@jurjanpaul502 Nice work. I've been considering making evaluation async, so you can write:

(require '[reagent.core])
and it would lazy load the reagent file from the CDN. And this would also allow you to do the load-from-url thing, but baked in and it would not have the async problem you have now, since the next expression would be evaluated as a chained promise


It would be a breaking change though, since people who rely on scittle.core.eval_string being synchronous now, would then have a promise instead

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Sounds like a very good idea to me! (I wouldn't mind adapting my code at all, but it would seemingly impact one or more other projects as well.)