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clojure-lsp Released with lots of exciting stuff! 🚀 This is a important release, it starts to use v1 which is entirely implemented in clojure and doesn't depend on lsp4j java library anymore, along with the dep-graph-queries feature, it's a big change to whole clojure-lsp so if any issues, please let us know Besides that we have lots of new refactorings (check gif for one of them), fixes, performance improvements and smart checks during startup like the classpath scan fail question Thanks and kudos to @jacob.maine who have been helping a lot clojure-lsp in the last months! gratitude For more info, check #lsp Happy coding! clojure-spin

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Another refactoring in this release, or actually a set of 4 related refactorings:

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wow, restructure-keys looks awesome!

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