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@borkdude, before I explore your idea further of testing rewrite-cljc under GraalVM > so how it works with babashka: you include the library like the other built-in libraries. and then you run the unit tests from source with bb I vaguely remember you having to get CircleCI to bump available RAM to native-image babashka… am I remembering correctly?


@lee Are you hitting a limit?


@lee A couple of things to try: - Set BABASHKA_XMX to -J-Xmx3500m or something like that and pray it compiles - Disable all feature flags to eliminate libraries you don't need - Use sci instead of bb for trying this out. The only other ns you'll need to incorporate is clojure.test, you can copy that code from babashka. The latter could also serve as a template for testing other libs in GraalVM


Or: ask @marc-omorain to bump your memory limit. Or use Github actions, not CircleCI to compile.


I think PRs against babashka should compile with 8GB though, so making a WIP PR against babashka should also work


Not hitting a limit, just getting an understanding of constraints before digging in. Thanks for all the ideas and tips!