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I published a page on using the very unofficial tools.deps hot-loading of dependencies. Be aware that this is very unofficial and no guarantee it will be included in anything official. Credit to Sean Corfield for the alias configuration. I've shown an example of using hot loading with the rebel REPL. Again, this is very unofficial, so use with caution and dont rely on it being available.

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Given that this is an unreleased branch of an alpha lib and we’ve already determined the api is going to change, can you make it real obvious on that page that this is not “official” stuff?


There is a wip add-lib2 branch out there but it is actually a branch off another wip branch (which has now moved forward and not been merged back)


It’s entirely possible for that existing add-lib branch to become broken at any time (as master drifts), and I actually expect that to happen soon


@alexmiller Understood. I rely on it quite a bit but I'm happy to switch to any other working version, if I can just prevail on you to point me at such a thing if the SHA I'm depending on right now breaks (and I'm happy to use Clojure master for dev, if that's what I have to switch to)


There may be a period of time where there is no working add-lib branch


I haz a sad 😢


Fair enough. I can survive for a "period of time" without it I guess.


I will try to get it remerged, just won’t be my priority so may take a few days as the stuff moves forward

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Cool. And I'm happy to test that out too, as you know 🙂


^ @jr0cket I would have tried to dissuade you from writing this up, if you had asked me ahead of time. Even tho' it's in my public dot-clojure file and I use it day-in, day-out, I wouldn't want to see that baked into the public documentation base around Clojure...


I did add a caveat to that effect in the deps.edn file, however, I should have put that same warning on the page too. I will update asap


@jr0cket This is why I've held off doing a YouTube video showing how I use add-lib on that t.d.a branch -- I don't think people should be encouraged to use it when it's likely to go away/break/change.


@alexmiller I've updated the page with a large up front warning. If you prefer I remove the page entirely, I am happy to do so. I appreciate there are other approaches and I should probably work on documentation for them in hindsight, its just someone was asking me how to specifically do this hot reloading.


It’s a public thing, so I don’t care if people are aware of it, just want to be sure it’s experimental nature is clear

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I've moved the page on add-lib to a reference section of the book, as an alternative and very much experimental approach. Apologies for not thinking about this better.