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For the curious about the Apple Silicon/ARM transition:


thanks for sharing this. definitely some interesting stuff in there.


I need a in memory kv store with leaderless replication (kryo serialized objects so just byte[] will be stored) that also works on Windows :G So cant use Redis. Infinispan, Hazelcast, Ignite exists but Ignite and Hazelcast seems to be trying to do too much, that lefts Infinispan. Any other options I should be aware of?


I think memcached has a windows installer , but I have never used it on windows so I dont know how it works


FYI, I've recently created the #releases channel to share "boring" releases of libraries and projects, e.g. only with minor enhancements and fixes.

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@borkdude Thank you! Joined. I can leverage that for all the interim announcements that I otherwise wouldn't post to #announcements