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@sogaiu if you are busy, and you still have scripts lying around that you used for graalvm testing, I could put this on my todo.


@lee you could also look at the jet, or sci repo which have tests for graalvm. What I usually do is create a namespace with :genclass and -main entry, compile that to an uberjar, run it through graalvm and execute the binary using and verify that it works


thanks for tip @borkdude!


i was trying to patch babashka with rewrite-cljc (some playground branch) and was just using the build script from babashka for my efforts.


ah, the zulip logs have some earlier rewrite + native image info: > i have been trying out rewrite-cljs-playground (cljc-spike-2 branch) in a couple of projects that use native-image. a few things i've noticed are: > 1) the resulting binary is close to 40 MB, while with a slightly patched rewrite-clj, the resuls are between 12-14 MB > 2) i have not succeeded in building with native-image with the cljc-spike-2 branch with clojure 1.10, though 1.9 works > 3) using the slightly patched rewrite-clj leads to successful native-image builds with clojure 1.9 and 1.10


looks like that was in min june. so may be it had worked at some point.


looking at the log from: -- this is the most recent round of attempts


i see mention of monitor -- i think that may be lock-related


so perhaps the 1.9 vs 1.10 issue is involved