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Hello folks, I'm currently trying to debug a ring webapp and curious if it's possible to use linebreaks in cursive with an http request. I'm fairly new to cursive and clojure, so not sure of a good local dev setup for this. Maybe what I'm hoping for isn't possible, but I was hoping that if I hit the local url with a curl I'd be able to step through the functions. Is that a thing I can do?


@ssanders i haven't tried this myself but it seems possible to do that. take a look at this:


Thanks. That's interesting. So, I'm not using Leiningen, it's a deps.edn setup, so I'm looking at the section about "without leiningen" I actually have it set up like it's described there, but not seeing the linebreaks fire when I hit the localhost.


did you start the cursive repl in debug mode and start your app from within that repl?


@ssanders, if you have the chance, check scope capture. It’s a different debugging experience based on Stuart Halloway REPL debugging post:


This looks promising. Thanks @U4WS1443F