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Gustavo Bertolino13:02:16

Hi guys, is it possible to set reveal up in my project.clj or deps.edn so that when I fire a REPL via lein I can get reveal out of the box in this firing process?


Hi! I’m assuming you are using nrepl? In that case please have a look at this readme section:

Gustavo Bertolino13:02:49

Hum, sure! I think I got the setup for the case of clj appls using project.clj

Gustavo Bertolino13:02:59

@U47G49KHQ But in the case of a cljs appl using shadow-cljs as build tool, I simply add the middleware in the shadow-cljs.edn, right? Something like this -->

{:middleware [vlaaad.reveal.nrepl/middleware]}


I have no idea how to integrate that with shadow-cljs, sorry 🙂


but if you figure it out, please consider sharing it here so I can add it to the readme

Gustavo Bertolino13:02:54

I mean, if I want to fire a REPL via lein to start my clj application in it and do other things, I'd also like to have reveal in this REPL