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Sam Ritchie00:02:25

@borkdude Q for you… I’ve got an M1 mac so I can’t run GraalVM and just test this myself so figured I’d ask

Sam Ritchie00:02:56

I’d love to make a GraalVM build of #sicmutils that folks could use as a REPL-calculator; basically a Clojure repl with that library and sicmutils.env namespace autoloaded

Sam Ritchie00:02:31

do you have any pointers toward a project that is basically that - a nice repl experience via GraalVM (ie in its own binary) with some batteries included?


@sritchie09 Cool idea! I think you could just take bb itself as an example since it has a REPL, nREPL, socket REPL, etc.


The nREPL server is available as a library, the rest is (as of now) built in, but could maybe be split out as well.


You can probably run GraalVM under rosetta